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In the aftermath of an asteroid moon strike which has showered the earth with dangerous spores, biologist Tahira Piriyeva believes that tackling the threat can bring the people of her divided country together. When her studies uncover a colony of the alien spores developing a worrying new behaviour, her own employer suppresses the discovery and puts a stop to her research. Determined to find out why, Tahira’s defiance leads to her being framed as a collaborator with annexed insurgents from the wrong side of the political divide. The only person she can rely on is her childhood friend, Zareen, whom she once lost to the country’s feud. Together, they must escape not only police and terrorists but also the colonies of spores that have been growing unchecked in the annex - in ways more horrifying than Tahira could have imagined.


Do You Get What You Pray For?

June 2, 2019

Alma met Scapegoat as a child. He visited her in her sleep for most of her life, his appearances often foretelling tragedy.

Turning to wiccan magic as an adult, Alma thought she'd rid herself of him. But when family troubles force her to relocate to her old university town, she gains a chance to renew a damaged childhood friendship. Calling on the powers that once made her feel safe, her prayers begin to bear convoluted and terrifying results.

Now Scapegoat is back, no longer confined to Alma's imagination, and people are dying.

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XXX date

Here's a little throwback, my urban fantasy novel which, despite being a 'for fun' project, was actually quite well received. I had ideas for a couple of sequels. Maybe the urban fantasy bug will come back one day. Order your copy today from Lulu

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